115 Leslie Kendall: Despite all of the research compiled on the seemingly countless topics relating to automotive history, there have remained a few exceptionally important areas that have not been thoroughly researched and documented. But thanks to Geoff Hacker and Rick D ’ Louhy, you can no longer count fiberglass cars among them. Once scorned, fiberglass bodied cars have risen to prominence in the automobile enthusiast community thanks in large part to the authors ’ efforts to educate the public about what they are and what makes them special. Together, Geoff and Rick have devoted countless hours to compiling the most comprehensive array of material about fiberglass cars that has ever been assembled. And their enduring dedication to rounding out the historical record has yielded what can only be regarded as the definitive work on the subject. Whether volume produced or one - of - a - kind, fiberglass cars are now being conserved, preserved and restored as never before. Now all enthusiasts will have the means to understand why. Leslie Kendall was born in San Diego, California and has had an insatiable, life - long interest in automobiles and automotive history from an early age. He was invited to join the team responsible for creating the Petersen Automotive Museum in April 1993 and in October 1995 was named curator. He is a regular contributor to automotive media outlets (both print and broadcast), a concours d'elegance judge at events around the country, and frequently consults on automotive history related, public - and private - sector projects. Raffi Minasian: Geoff and Rick have enthusiastically synthesized decades of critical automotive history which, by now, would surely have been long lost had they not secured the living stories, archived photographic and written references, and physically rescued actual cars from extinction. Their combined academic methods and personal "car guy" approach makes them empathetic stewards unlike any other in the collector car world. Geoff and Rick have become modern automotive archaeologists detailing historic references and presenting their findings with sensitivity and candor for all enthusiasts to enjoy. One would be hard pressed in any automotive study to find the amount of detail and thoughtful reference correlations that Geoff and Rick have collected over the years. Not satisfied to limit their searches to factual presentations, Undiscovered Classics and Forgotten Fiberglass studies the designs, marketing, publications, relevant social and cultural movements of the times, and fuses it all together in a compelling series of stories where the passionate designers and builders feature as prominently as the beautiful vehicles they constructed. Raffi Minasian is a designer, professor, and journalist focused on the intersection of Design and Culture. He ’ s a frequent speaker and panelist for automotive themed conferences, concours d ’ elegance judge, and a vintage sports car enthusiast. Over the past 30 years, Raffi has designed and built several award - winning show cars, hundreds of scale model cars, thousands of automotive accessory parts, and worked in partnership with a wide range of fabrication studios building custom cars, hot rods, and concours restoration projects.